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PTC 9300H
  • Intelligent Power Instrument

The main configuration of PTC 9300H is a computerized 3 phase power source with built-in precision reference instrument. It sets new industry standards in the field of test & calibration measurements. Basically, PTC 9300H fulfills 3 important functions :

  • Reference output readings
  • Power transducers' calibrations
  • Power meter calibrations
  • Test data and setting ranges can be printed out via the parallel port.

PTC9300H features software control system with multiple micro-processors fully integrated to produce highly stable synthesized 3 phase power outputs and reference readings. All control and selection functions are digitally accessible from the PTC 9300H's front control panel or optionally through a RS-232 port to a remote PC. With the proprietary software, testing functions, results and file management are easily performed. The PTC 9300H's VFD illuminated display screen allows for clear readings and menu command operation.