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Banco de contraste de medidores   Overview

The energy auto-calibration system is a new generation, high precision, energy meter calibration equipment. It uses the advanced technology and components available in update technology to overcome traditional low efficiency, heat and reliability problem to increase the work reliability and better load. The test bench can be used to test the single or three phase energy meters, and it follows the national standard and regulation as "IEC60736 : 1982" and "IEC62053" to develop and design.

The test bench is using the aluminum compound configuration to form with the digital controlled signal source with PWM amplifier, standard precision instrument, error system and auto-testing software. The bench can do the warm up test, starting test, no load test (creep test), error test (accuracy test), dial test, tests of the influence quantities and test of repeatability of the measurements. Moreover, it also has the auto-search black marker function which can precisely locate the black marker during the no load test and starting test.

The bench is using the PWM to amplify voltage / current output with high efficiency at > 85%, and lower heat. Therefore, it can check the malfunction checking, preset, alarm, and protection.

The signal source is using the newest digital controlled sine wave technology for frequency, amplitude and phase adjust. The bench is using comparison technology to test the error of energy meters; and the different constant energy meter can be tested at one time. It is using the error processor system to calculate the error of each energy meter by the sub - error system which can be connected by the internal RS-485.

The energy meter hanging rack is made by Aluminum compound, the whole device configuration is a reasonable design and nice outfit. The bench can be installed scanning head, which can offer 3 ranges adjustment, and it can sample the signal of round-style energy meter and digital LED energy meter.

The test bench is using the testing software complied with WINDOWS98 / 2000 / XP which can auto-testing different energy meters. The software includes Database Management System to realize the data from energy meter for gathering statistics, category search and management.

The test bench of operating conditions :

  • Ambient temperature 10°C to 50°C for operation and from -10°C to +65°C for storage.
  • Relative humidity up to 85%.
  • Power supply : 220V / 240V +15% for single phase supply. 3*220V / 380V(Y) +15% for three phase supply.
  • Frequency 50Hz +10%.